Important Pool Maintenance Tips

Our experience of fixing pool leaks in Florida for over a decade now has helped us realize that most pool owners are unaware of simple things that need to be done in order to keep their pool in perfect running order. You could just get in touch with us at Florida Leak Locators or follow some basic maintenance rules yourself. It takes a lot less time and effort that you might think as well.

Here are some simple pool maintenance tips that will keep your pool pristine.

Skim and Scrub Debris Everyday

If you are not using a pool cover, then there will be some leaves or other debris that keep floating on the surface of your pool. This debris will eventually sink to the bottom, become harder to remove and potentially clog up your filtration system.

Use a long handled net to remove the leaves and other debris while a robot self-running vacuum will keep the floor of your pool clean on its own.

If your pool is well protected from the elements, then this process can be done once a week as well.

Keep Your Pool Filter Clean

Your pool water needs to be pumped in through the filter for it to do its job efficiently and the ideal amount of time for which you should run your pump varies from pool to pool as well as the kind of filtration system installed. Have a professional guide you if you are not sure.

Similarly, the cleaning regimen for your filtration system also varies depending upon what kind it is. There three main types of pool filters: sand, cartridge or diatomaceous earth.

Cleaning your filter more than needed will actually reduce the life and efficiency of your filter since some amount of debris in the filter will help trap other debris as the flows through it. As a rule of thumb, clean your pool filter when the difference in the pressure gauge from the flow meter rises by 10-15psi.

Maintain the Water Level Above the Skimmer Level

A lot of damage can occur to the pump if the water level in the pool falls below the level of the skimmer. While some amount of water loss is natural due to evaporation, splashing and just normal use, a large amount of water needing to be replaced should alert you to a possible pool leak. A simple bucket test can be performed to check for a pool leak.

Call a professional to find and repair the leak as soon as possible otherwise you risk massive damage to the adjacent property. If you are based in Florida, then give Florida Leak Locators a call for the best service in the business.

Test the Pool Water

It can be tricky maintaining the correct water balance in the pool, however, there are plenty of pool testing kits that help you do so. Buy a commercial kit and test your water at least once a week during swimming season.

The kits are pretty self-explanatory to use and should help you achieve crystal clear water without any smell or residues once the chemicals have been properly balanced.

Doing all of this will ensure that your pool is ready to swim in at a moment’s notice and prevent it from being an eyesore on your property.


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