Benefits of Covering Your Swimming Pool

One of the things that surprise us in our line of work (which is centered around fixing Pool Leaks) is how most people do not have pool covers for their swimming pools. The most common reasons for not having these pool covers was they looked unattractive and required additional storage area which they did not account for. Some people also thought that removing and replacing the pool after every use was just too cumbersome.

Here is the thing, though. The sheer amount of advantages that using a pool cover has should outweigh all of these concerns easily.

Benefits of Covering Your Swimming Pool

Pool Covers Save Energy (And Money)

The number one benefit from using a swimming pool cover is to reduce your heating costs by a significant amount. It is the single most effective measure that can be taken to reduce the amount of heating energy requirements for your pool and with some estimates ranging up to 50-70% savings.

The reason for this is very simple. The amount of heat lost for every pound of 80 degrees Fahrenheit water is a massive 1048 BT units.

Using a transparent cover is the most effective method to save the solar heat from escaping your pool and by keeping it cool, however, even a fully opaque cover helps tremendously.

Pool Covers Bring Down Water Bills

In places like Florida, where the amount of evaporation is very high, the amount of water needed to continuously top up the pool can really add up. Of course, if your water use continues to be high even after installing a pool cover then you need to get in touch with Florida Leak Locators so that we can find any pool leaks that are probably costing you more than you could have imagined.

Even indoor pools need covers because the amount of energy loss from the surface can be excessive. Using a cover on an indoor pool can also reduces the need to run an exhaust fan, thus resulting in further savings.

Pool Covers Result in Less Chlorine Usage

Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical in pools to help sanitize them. Its levels need to be monitored continuously so that the pH of the pool water stays within limits and the water continues to be hygienic.

A covered pool has less amount of organic matter landing inside it and thus requires a lesser amount of chlorine to combat it. UV rays from the sun also breaks down chlorine, something that will happen much lesser when a pool is covered for the most part.

Pool Covers Bring Down Maintenance Costs

If your pool does not need to refilled as often, has a leaf collector that does not need to be emptied out as much, uses a lesser amount of chlorine, has a filter that lasts for years longer and a markedly decreased chance of blockages occurring then your pool needs much lesser supervision than otherwise.

So use a pool cover if you are not already using one. Get one in a color that you like or a motorized one if the effort of removing and replacing the cover is too much. It will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.


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