Florida is blessed with a summer that seems to continue on forever and this is why we have no shortage of pools in the area. There is nothing like lounging by the pool, perfecting your tan and having a good time right? We agree. Unless you have a pool leak that is.

The problems that pool leaks cause can be difficult to spot up until the time you notice your water bill is through the roof. It is not just the high water bill due to a pool leak either, the costs also add up in terms of the additional pool chemicals that you have to keep on adding since the additional water will keep diluting their concentration.

The Best Company To Fix Pool Leaks In Florida

That would be us, Florida Leak Locators, Inc, because we deploy all our resources and expertise to provide this one service for our customers. We are a Florida based, family owned company that has been fixing pool leaks for over a decade now.

All our equipment is state of the art, in fact, we often find and fix pool leaks where others have missed them after trying repeatedly.

The biggest advantage that you have by working with us is that we do not have any incentive to do expensive resurfacing, deck repair, changing the plumbing or anything other than fixing the leak.

So, What is the Benefit of Fixing Pool Leaks Early?

It just makes economic sense on every level.  We all know that evaporation in the hot sun can dry out your pool very quickly in Florida. Add to that a persistent leak and you have a real expensive problem on your hand.

Fixing a pool leak early will actually help you save money in the long run through all the money you save on water bills.

Water leaks can also cause absolute havoc to the adjacent property around the pool, often causing the pool deck to become unstable, lift or sink. Here is the real scary part. A pool leak will not be immediately obvious until the problem has become really severe and likely to have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Depending on how your pool is placed on the property, the damage could even spread to a neighbor’s property leading to potential legal trouble as well.

A dependable rule of thumb is that a pool should be losing only around a 1/8th inch of water per day due to environmental factors, give or take a little. In Florida, this number is probably on the higher side due to the heat and humidity. Anything significantly more though and you probably have a pool leak.

A Pool Leak Can Cost You Hundreds Of Dollars Per Day 

This is what it comes down to eventually and why you need a professional service to appraise the situation. Our leak test comes with a 35-day guarantee that we found and fixed every leak in your pool. We also give you upfront written estimates for any major repairs with a $100 discount if we performed the leak test.



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